It has been raining today and never funny at work as well. I Got home expecting to find food on my table and a neat house as well but today like other days was different. Everywhere was in a big mess, the whole place scattered, with paper and clothes littered here and there. To worsen the matter the kitchen of a microbiologist was in a mess, my pots as dirty as inside a coffin. In fact the stench from my kitchen had invited the host community of flies with their chieftain.

I could no longer help it, I seriously needed an explanation, but from who because no one was in the house. I grabbed my phone only to remember that I used the last airtime in the cab on my way home. So I rushed out to get airtime, immediately recharge was successful I dialed his number, my kid brother I mean, he picked the call after series of missed calls. After saying hello he got the question, "Where are You?"

This is God's feelings when we leave the intended place he expected us to be. The intended place is no other place than in Christ Jesus. It hurts him so much that he had to ask Adam "Where are You?" Instead of us to answer him directly, we start giving him excuses for not putting our complete trust in him. We start pointing fingers and forgetting his finished work on the cross.

No matter the wrong we have done, Christ has redeeming power that is capable of saving us from damnation. Therefore, anytime we discover that we are no longer where we use to be or living a Godly and goodly life we talked about in our last post. He is ever ready to hear all we have to tell him. He simply wants us to explain why the room (our heart) is so dirty and scattered and resolve to clean it. I am sure, that once this decision is reached he will work in us to will and to act according to his purpose.

Anchor text: Gen 3:9, Philp 2:13 and Room 5:8

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