(Pro. 14:12)

Nothing is more beautiful than living life to its fullness. But the life you crave to explore and enjoy to its fullness do you know where it is leading you and does it give glory to God your creator? Deep down your heart you can find the answer to this question for yourself. However, if the answer is negative I think you need to “Quit it”.

Quit every form of life that constantly goes against God and your conscience. Quit any life that takes you closer to your grave on daily basis. You may call it enjoyment, yet you are dying gradually. My dear “Quit it”. Quit what even medical doctors’ advice you to abstain from, quit what does not promise you a future and hope. Quit what eats your time unnecessarily. Quit what you eat and end up being disgraced. Quit! Quit!!

Quit and save your life by simply turning to Jesus Christ. He alone can help you

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